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Interpret is a tricky word to pronounce for many non-native English speakers. The correct pronunciation of this word is \in-ter-pret, the emphasis being on the second syllable.

The first syllable \in\ is pronounced like the \i\ in the word \in, while the second syllable \ter\ is pronounced like the \er\ in the word \better\ and the last syllable \pret\ is pronounced like the \et\ in the word \pet, with a slight emphasis on the \et\ sound.

To practice correctly pronouncing interpret, start by saying each syllable slowly and separately, then combine them into one word. For example, start by saying \in, then \ter, and then \pret. Once you can say each syllable clearly, try to combine them all into one word, \in-ter-pret.

If you need additional help, try saying interpret in a sentence. For example, “I interpret the text as a metaphor.” This can help you practice the correct pronunciation of the word in context.

By practicing interpret slowly and in context, you will soon be able to pronounce it correctly.

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