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Integration is a word that can be tricky to pronounce correctly for non-native English speakers. To ensure you're saying it correctly, keep the following tips in mind.

Start with a hard “i” sound: “ih”. This is followed by a “j” sound: “jeh”. The next sound is a short “a”: “ah”. Following the “a” is a “n” sound: “nuh”. The “t” sound is next: “tuh”. The second syllable is the “eh” sound: “eh”. The third syllable is a short “sh” sound: “shuh”. The final syllable is the “uh” sound: “uh”.

Integration is pronounced “ih-jeh-nah-tuh-eh-shuh-uh”.

Practice saying the word out loud, focusing on the individual sounds and how they blend together. Once you become comfortable with the pronunciation, emphasize each sound and repeat it several times. This will help ensure you are saying the word correctly.

By following the steps outlined above, you can confidently learn how to pronounce integration.

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