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Do you want to know how to pronounce inquiry correctly? Read on to find out!

The word 'inquiry' is pronounced \in-ˈkwer-ē. It has three syllables, with the emphasis on the second syllable. The first syllable begins with a short "i" sound, as in the word 'in'. The second syllable is formed with a 'kw' sound, followed by an 'er' sound. The last syllable is formed with an 'ī' sound, as in the word 'see'.

To start, try saying the word 'in' slowly and clearly, then add the 'kw' sound followed by the 'er' sound. Then, finish the word by saying the 'ī' sound. The 'er' sound should be stretched out slightly longer than the other sounds.

To practice, try saying the word 'inquiry' in a sentence. For example: "I have an inquiry about the product."

Now that you know how to pronounce inquiry correctly, you can use it confidently in conversations. Keep practicing and soon you'll sound like a native English speaker!

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