How to pronounce


  • American Pronunciation: /ɪˈfɛmərəl/
    • Breakdown: i-FEM-uh-ruhl
  • British Pronunciation: /ɪˈfɛmərəl/
    • Breakdown: i-FEM-uh-ruhl

The pronunciation is consistent in both American and British English, with the stress on the second syllable, which carries the "fem" sound.

Definition of


Ephemeral (adjective): lasting for a short period of time; fleeting; transient Examples: 1. The beauty of the cherry blossoms was ephemeral, as the petals fell to the ground within a matter of days. 2. Social media trends are often ephemeral, with new ones emerging and disappearing in a matter of weeks. 3. The success of the movie was ephemeral, as it quickly lost its popularity after the first week of release. 4. Despite its ephemeral nature, the rainbow still brought joy to the spectators' hearts. 5. The fashion industry is known for its constantly changing and ephemeral trends.

What does it mean


The term "ephemeral" comes from the Greek word "ephemeros," which means "lasting only one day" or "short-lived." This word itself is derived from "epi-" meaning "on" and "hemera" meaning "day." The usage of "ephemeral" in English dates back to the late 16th century, capturing the transient, day-long nature of some life forms and phenomena, emphasizing the brief but significant impact they may have despite their short duration. This concept has expanded in modern usage to encompass a broader range of temporary phenomena, emphasizing the transient beauty and impermanence of such experiences.

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