How to pronounce

Generative AI

To pronounce "Generative AI," begin by saying the first syllable "gen" as in the word "genius" [dʒɛn]. Then, move onto the second syllable "er" which is pronounced as a short "er" sound [ər]. Next, say the third syllable "a" as in the word "cat" [eɪ]. Finally, say the last two letters "i" and "ve" as in the word "ivory" [aɪv]. The emphasized syllables are capitalized: geNErative AI.

For British pronunciation, "generative" is pronounced as [dʒɛnəreɪtɪv], with the IPA symbols for the stressed syllable "a" and "i" being [eɪ] and [aɪ], respectively. The full pronunciation of "Generative AI" in British English is [dʒɛnəreɪtɪv eɪ aɪ].

For American pronunciation, "generative" is pronounced as [dʒɛnərətɪv]. The full pronunciation of "Generative AI" in American English is [dʒɛnərətɪv eɪ aɪ].

Definition of

Generative AI


Definition: Generative AI refers to the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) systems that have the ability to generate new content, ideas, or solutions without human intervention.

Examples of use:

1. Many tech companies are investing in generative AI as a way to improve efficiency and creativity in their products.

2. The use of generative AI in the healthcare industry has led to the development of more personalized treatment plans for patients.

3. Generative AI has also been used in the gaming industry to create realistic and dynamic virtual environments.

4. With the advancements in generative AI, machines are now able to generate human-like text, images, and even music.

5. Despite its potential, there are ethical concerns surrounding the use of generative AI and its impact on job automation and human creativity.

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Generative AI

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