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Are you having trouble correctly pronouncing the English word "doubt"? Well, you are not alone! Many non-native English speakers struggle with this word, but with a few simple steps you can learn how to pronounce "doubt" correctly.

To pronounce this word correctly, begin by forming your lips into a tight "O" shape and then place the tip of your tongue behind your bottom front teeth. Next, make a "d" sound, followed by a "oo" sound, and then a "t" sound. It is important to remember to make the "oo" sound of the word "doubt" short and to connect the "d" and "t" sounds together.

To help you practice and improve your pronunciation of this word, try saying it out loud several times. You can also practice with a native English speaker or with an audio recording of the word. With plenty of practice, you will soon be able to confidently and correctly pronounce "doubt"!

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