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The American pronunciation is phonemically transcribed as /ˌdaɪəˈnaɪsəs/, with a slight variation in the first vowel sound from the dictionary's transcription of /ˌdʌɪəˈnaɪsəs/. Breakdown: DYE-uh-NYE-sus To pronounce "Dionysus", first start with the "d" sound as in "die", then move on to the "ai" vowel sound as in "why". Next, continue with the "ny" consonant sound as in "onion" and then end with the "sus" sound as in "says". To accurately pronounce the word, make sure to stress the second syllable, as indicated by the acute accent in the IPA transcription.

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Noun: Dionysus is a Greek god of wine, fertility, and revelry, known for his wild and chaotic nature. He is often depicted as a young man with a crown of ivy and holding a thyrsus, a staff wrapped in ivy or vine leaves. The word can also refer to a person who embodies the characteristics of this god, such as being playful, hedonistic, and full of life. Additionally, it can be used to describe something wild, uninhibited, or chaotic, similar to the god's festivities and followers. For example, "The party was a Dionysian celebration of music and dancing" or "The artist's work is a reflection of their Dionysian spirit."

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