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Pronouncing the word "conscientious" correctly can be a challenge for non-native English speakers. Here are some steps to help you get it right.

Start by breaking down the word into its two parts - "con" and "scientious". The "con" part is pronounced like the word "cone" - so make a soft "k" sound at the beginning and end with a short "ah" sound. The "scientious" part is pronounced like the word "shun" - so start with a soft "sh" sound and end with a "uh" sound.

Now put the two parts together: "con" and "scientious". Start with a soft "k" sound, then move to the "sh" sound, and finally end with a "uh" sound. The emphasis should be on the "scientious" part of the word.

Practice saying the word aloud a few times until you are comfortable with it. You can also record yourself saying it and then listen back to check your pronunciation.

With a bit of practice, you will soon be able to confidently pronounce the word "conscientious".

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