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If you are a non-native English speaker, learning how to pronounce the word 'eschew' correctly is an essential part of mastering the language. 'Eschew' is pronounced 'es-choo.' It is important to pronounce the 'e' sound in 'eschew' as an 'eh' sound, and the 'ch' sound as a 'sh.' When saying 'eschew,' the emphasis should be on the first syllable, 'es.'

To practice, you can say the word 'eschew' in different ways. You can try saying it in a whisper, in a loud voice, or in a regular tone of voice. You can also practice by saying it in different contexts. For example, you can try saying the word 'eschew' in a sentence, such as 'I will eschew all unhealthy foods.'

When you feel confident with the pronunciation of 'eschew,' you can test yourself by listening to audio recordings of native English speakers saying the word. In this way, you can compare your pronunciation to that of native English speakers and make sure you are saying the word correctly.

Remember, practice makes perfect! With enough practice, you can master the pronunciation of 'eschew' and impress native English speakers with your pronunciation skills.

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