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If you're a non-native English speaker, it's important to learn how to correctly pronounce words like "stupid." Pronouncing words correctly is essential to being understood when speaking English. Here is a guide on how to properly pronounce "stupid":

Start by forming your lips into an "oo" shape, like you're about to whistle. Next, push the sound of "st" out of your mouth. Then, make a "yoo" sound, as if you were saying "you." Finally, add a slight emphasis to the "pid" sound, so it sounds like "pih-d."

In total, the word should sound like "st-yoo-pih-d." Stress the second syllable and try to make it sound clear and distinct. The "st" sound should be softer and the "pid" sound should be more emphasized.

Practice saying "stupid" aloud, over and over, until you feel confident with the pronunciation. You can also ask a native speaker to listen and give you feedback. With practice and dedication, you can master the pronunciation of "stupid" and many other English words.

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