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Pronouncing the word "offer" accurately in English is an important step in speaking clearly and confidently. To properly pronounce offer, start by saying the "oh" sound like you would in the word "no". This should be a long, drawn out sound that is slightly higher in pitch than the "o" sound in the word "hot". Then, move on to the consonant sound "f". This is a voiced sound and should be pronounced like you are blowing air out of your mouth. Finally, round off the word with the "er" sound, as in the word "better".

When put together, the word "offer" should sound like "oh-f-er". To practice your pronunciation, try saying the word slowly at first and then gradually increase your speed. It is also helpful to record yourself saying the word and listen back to make sure you are pronouncing it correctly. With a few tries, you'll be pronouncing "offer" like a native English speaker in no time!

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