How to pronounce


Maybach is a luxury car brand with a unique pronunciation. Here's how to properly pronounce Maybach:

In British English: /ˈmaɪbæk/ (MY-bak)
In American English: /ˈmaɪˌbɑk/ (MY-bahk)

The correct pronunciation of Maybach is /ˈmaɪbæk/ (MY-bak) in British English and /ˈmaɪˌbɑk/ (MY-bahk) in American English. Remember to open your mouth wide for the "ay" sound, lightly press your lips for the "b" sound, and release a burst of air for the "ch" sound. Keep practicing and soon you will pronounce Maybach like a pro!

Definition of


Noun: Maybach (proper noun) - a German luxury car brand owned by Daimler AG.
Example: He arrived at the party in his brand new Maybach, turning heads and impressing everyone.

Adjective: Maybach (adjective) - referring to luxury or opulence associated with the Maybach brand.
Example: She always dreamed of living a Maybach lifestyle, complete with designer clothes, private jets, and deluxe vacations.

Verb: Maybach (verb) - to exhibit extravagant wealth, similar to the lavishness associated with the Maybach brand.
Example: The celebrity couple Maybached their way through the red carpet, much to the admiration of their fans.

What does it mean


The brand "Maybach" was named after its founder, Wilhelm Maybach, who was an engineer and industrial designer in Germany. Wilhelm Maybach was a key figure in the development of the internal combustion engine alongside Gottlieb Daimler. The name itself is of German origin and reflects its roots in the engineering excellence and automotive history of Germany. The brand was initially founded in the early 20th century, with its name becoming synonymous with luxury and high quality, reinforcing its prestige in the automotive industry.

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