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Hiatus is a word that can be tricky to pronounce for non-native English speakers. Learning how to properly say the word correctly is essential for communicating confidently in English.

To pronounce hiatus correctly, start by saying the long "i" sound, like "eye." This sound should be held for a brief moment, to get the full effect of the word. Next, move on to the "ay" sound, like the "ay" in the word "say." After that comes the "shuh" sound, which should sound like the "sh" in the word "shoe." Finally, end the word with the "tuh" sound, like the "t" in the word "tug."

Altogether, the word should sound like "hi-ay-shuh-tuh". It is important to put emphasis on the "ay" sound and to move quickly between each of the sounds. Practicing saying the word a few times can help you get the pronunciation just right.

By understanding how to correctly pronounce hiatus, you can make sure you are accurately and confidently communicating in English.

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