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For non-native English speakers, correctly pronouncing words can be difficult. It can be especially challenging to pronounce words with a double “s” like “assist”. To correctly pronounce this word, the “a” should be pronounced as a short “uh” sound, the “s” should be pronounced as a “z” sound, and the “i” should be pronounced with a long “eye” sound. The “t” at the end should be pronounced like a “t” sound. When spoken correctly, the word should sound like “uh-ziss-eye-t”.

For those who are unsure if they are pronouncing the word correctly, a great tool to use is Pronounce AI’s pronunciation checker. This AI-powered technology is designed to help professionals, such as customer service representatives or sales representatives, to check their English speech on calls. With Pronounce AI, users can simply upload a recording of themselves speaking and the AI will grade their pronunciation. This is a great way to ensure that non-native English speakers are correctly pronouncing words like “assist”.

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