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When it comes to correctly pronouncing the word "empathetic," many non-native English speakers struggle. Fortunately, with a few pronunciation tips, you can master the word quickly and easily!

To begin, break the word down into two syllables: "em-pa-thet-ic." To say the first syllable, "em," place your lips in a small round shape and form the "m" sound. Next, for the second syllable, "pa," form the "p" sound by putting your lips together and producing the "puh" sound. For the third syllable, "thet," start with the "th" sound and then soften it to "theh". End with the final syllable, "ic," and round your lips to form the "ih" and "k" sounds.

When putting the word together, make sure to emphasize the "pa" syllable and keep all remaining syllables softer. To practice, try saying the word slowly and gradually increase your speed.

For a complete demonstration of how to pronounce "empathetic," watch this video: [INSERT VIDEO LINK].

By following these steps and practicing regularly, you can soon learn how to properly pronounce the word "empathetic."

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