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If you're a non-native English speaker, learning how to pronounce words correctly can be quite challenging. One word that can be tricky for many is "embarrassed". To pronounce it correctly, start with the "e" sound, making sure your mouth is slightly open. The "m" sound follows, but make sure you don't over-exaggerate the sound. Then, for the "b" sound, put your lips together and lightly blow out the air. For the "a" sound, your lips should be slightly parted and your tongue should be behind your top teeth. The "rr" sound is a bit tricky; roll your tongue and try to make a raspy sound. The "a" sound that follows it should be pronounced the same as the first one. For the "ss" sound, you should almost be whispering. Lastly, the "ed" sound should be pronounced like the word "did".

In summary, to properly pronounce "embarrassed" say the following: "ehm-buh-RAH-ssd". One way to remember how to pronounce it is by thinking of the phrase: "em-barrass-ed".

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