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Learning how to properly say "concierge" is an important part of mastering English pronunciation. Pronouncing "concierge" correctly will help you communicate effectively and be understood by native English speakers.

The word "concierge" is pronounced "kon-syerzh". The first syllable, "kon," is a hard, clipped "k" sound, followed by the "on" sound. The second syllable, "syerzh," is a softer sound, with a slight "zh" sound at the end.

To practice saying "concierge," start by saying the individual syllables: "kon-syerzh." Once you have mastered each syllable separately, try combining them into the full word. Make sure to keep the two syllables distinct, with a slight pause between them.

When you are speaking to native English speakers, remember to enunciate the syllables of "concierge" clearly. Aim to speak with a confident, clear voice.

With a bit of practice, you will soon master the correct pronunciation of "concierge." Good luck and don't forget to keep practicing!

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