How to pronounce


To pronounce Celaena, start by saying "seh" with a soft "e" sound, like the "e" in "pet." Then move to a long "lay" sound, similar to the "ay" in "say." Finish with a sharper "na" sound, like the "na" in "banana."

British pronunciation: /'sɛ.leɪ.nə/

American pronunciation: /sə.'leɪ.nə/

Definition of


Celaena is a proper noun and the name of a fictional character. It is pronounced as "seh-lay-nuh" and is primarily used as a feminine given name.

Example 1: "Celaena left the castle and rode her horse through the forest."
Example 2: "The book series follows the adventures of Celaena as she navigates through a fantastical world."
Example 3: "Many fans of the series admire the strong and courageous nature of Celaena's character."

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