How to pronounce


  • American Pronunciation: /ˈeɪ.zə.təs/
    • Breakdown: AY-zuh-tus
  • British Pronunciation: /ˈeɪ.zə.təs/
    • Breakdown: AY-zuh-tus

The pronunciation is consistent between American and British English, focusing on the initial syllable with a long "A" sound.

Definition of


Azotus (noun): a biblical place name referring to an ancient city on the Mediterranean coast, also known as Ashdod. Example 1: The book of Acts mentions that Philip the Evangelist traveled through Azotus on his way to Caesarea. (as a place name) Example 2: The Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant and brought it to their temple in Azotus. (as a biblical city) Example 3: After the Assyrian conquest, Azotus became an important Greek city, known for its wine and trade. (as a historical reference) Example 4: The archaeological excavations at Azotus have uncovered ancient artifacts and ruins dating back thousands of years. (as an archaeological site)

What does it mean


The name "Azotus" comes from the Greek rendition of the original Semitic name "Ashdod." During various periods of history, including when the region was under the influence of Hellenistic culture following the conquests of Alexander the Great, many Semitic names were adapted into Greek forms, which often involved changes to fit Greek phonetic and morphological patterns. The transformation of "Ashdod" into "Azotus" is an example of this type of cultural and linguistic adaptation.

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