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Good pronunciation is key to mastering the English language. Knowing how to properly pronounce words helps you to communicate effectively and confidently. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to pronounce the English word "walk":

1. Start by placing your tongue behind your top teeth.

1. Form the word by making a “W” sound. Make sure to use your lips and exhale slightly.

1. Now, move your tongue to the roof of your mouth and make a “AA” sound. Keep your mouth open and relax your jaw.

1. Finally, close your mouth and pronounce the “K” sound. Make sure to keep your lips together and use the back of your tongue to make the sound.

By following these steps, you can correctly pronounce the English word “walk.” Remember to practice regularly to perfect your pronunciation. Once you can confidently say the word “walk,” you will be one step closer to mastering the English language.

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