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When pronouncing the word "lite," you should pay attention to both the letter "l" and the letter "t."

To start, the "l" is pronounced as a soft "l," like the one in the word "light." To make this sound, the tip of your tongue should lightly touch the roof of your mouth.

The next letter is the "t," which should sound like a short burst of air, similar to the sound of a very short "d." To make this sound, put the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth and then quickly release it.

Finally, the "e" is a short, neutral sound. The easiest way to make this sound is to just relax your jaw and mouth and let the sound come out naturally.

Put these sounds together and you'll have the correct pronunciation of "lite." To practice, repeat the word several times slowly and then gradually speed up. With a little practice, you'll be able to say "lite" correctly in no time!

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