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Are you wondering how to pronounce the word "gnaw"? Learning the correct way to say this word will help you improve your English pronunciation and sound more native-like. Here are some tips to help you master the pronunciation of "gnaw".

First, the "g" sound should be pronounced softly, almost like a "j" sound, so it should sound like "jnaw".

Then, the "n" sound is pronounced clearly and normally.

Next, the "a" sound should be pronounced like a short "ah" sound.

Finally, the "w" sound should be pronounced like a "w" sound - like you would pronounce the letter "w".

Once you've mastered these individual sounds, practice pronouncing "gnaw" as a whole. When you say it, the word should sound like "jnaw".

With practice, you'll soon be able to pronounce the word "gnaw" with ease. Good luck!

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