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If you’re a non-native English speaker, you may struggle to correctly pronounce certain words. One such word is “essential.” To correctly pronounce it, begin by saying the letter "e" as it is pronounced in the word “echo” - “eh.”

Next, move on to the "ss" combination. As with many other words in English, the “ss” is pronounced as one sound, not two. To make the “ss” sound, hiss like a snake or make the sound of a long “s.”

Continue by saying the “en” combination. To do this, say the “eh” sound again, followed by the “n” sound. The “n” should be pronounced like the “n” in the word “none.”

Lastly, end with the “shuh” combination. To make this sound, purse your lips like you’re making a kissing sound, and make the “sh” sound.

Altogether, the correct pronunciation of “essential” is “eh-ss-en-shuh.” With practice and repetition, you can learn to pronounce this word, and many other English words, like a native speaker.

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