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Pronouncing the word "definitely" correctly is important in English - it can help you sound more fluent and confident when speaking. Here are some tips to help you get it right.

First, start by separating the word into syllables: "def-i-nite-ly". The first syllable, "def", should be pronounced with a short, sharp "d" sound. The "f" sound should be almost silent. The "i" should be pronounced like the letter "e", and the second syllable should have a longer, drawn out sound. The last syllable should be pronounced with a short "ly" sound.

When speaking, make sure to emphasize the "i" syllable to give the word a stronger emphasis. It's also important to make sure that the "ly" syllable is pronounced clearly, as this is often the most difficult part for non-native speakers.

When you put it all together, the word "definitely" should be pronounced with a sharp "d" sound, a short "f" sound, an "e" sound, a longer, drawn out second syllable, and a clear "ly" sound. If you practice saying the word, eventually it will become second nature. Good luck!

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