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Are you looking for guidance on how to pronounce the word "self"? You're in the right place! Pronouncing English words correctly is important for ensuring that you are understood in conversations with native English speakers. Here are some tips to help you correctly pronounce "self".

The word "self" is pronounced as s-eh-l-f. To produce this sound, you will need to begin by positioning your tongue towards the back of your mouth. Articulate the "s" sound, and then move your tongue to the front of your mouth and make the "eh" sound. Finally, move your tongue back to the back of your mouth and make the "l" sound followed by the "f" sound.

Practice by repeating the word aloud several times. To challenge yourself, try to say the word faster than you normally would. This will help you become more comfortable speaking English words.

In summary, the word "self" is pronounced s-eh-l-f. Make sure to position your tongue at the back of your mouth for the "s" sound, then at the front of your mouth for the "eh" sound, and then back at the back of your mouth for the "l" and "f" sounds. With practice, you'll be able to pronounce "self" correctly!

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