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Learning how to pronounce "afford" correctly is a key part of mastering English pronunciation. The word is pronounced /əˈfɔːd/, and is made up of two syllables: "af" and "ford."

To pronounce the first syllable, "af," start by saying the letter "a," then move your mouth to produce a very soft "f" sound. Your mouth should be in a relaxed position when making this sound.

The second syllable, "ford," is a bit more challenging. Start by pushing your lips forward to make a "f" sound, then move your tongue to the back of your mouth while producing a soft "o" sound. Finally, finish with a "d" sound.

Altogether, the word "afford" should sound like "/əˈfɔːd/." It is important to remember that the "d" sound should be soft and not too hard.

Practice saying the word "afford" out loud, slowly at first and gradually increasing your speed. With a bit of practice, you will soon be able to confidently pronounce "afford" like a native English speaker.

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