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Knowing how to pronounce the word "premium" correctly is essential for non-native English speakers to sound more fluent.

The first step to correctly pronouncing "premium" is to form the sound in the back of your throat. Start by saying the letter "P" and then move your tongue up and back to form the "R" sound. Next, make an "EE" sound like the letter "E" and then finish with the "M" sound.

Keep in mind that the "EE" sound should be short, like the sound of a bee buzzing. When saying the "M" sound, make sure to close your lips and keep your tongue in the same position as when you said the "R".

To help you practice, here's an example of how to pronounce "premium": "P-R-EE-M". Repeat this phrase multiple times and practice slowly to hear the individual sounds.

If you need further help, try watching videos of native English speakers saying the word. This will help you hear the correct pronunciation and imitate the sounds. With enough practice, you'll soon be able to confidently say "premium" with the right accent.

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