Famous phrases

Have you ever tried to coin a famous English phrase, only to find yourself lost in a sea of words? Crafting a memorable saying isn't easy, and neither is nailing its pronunciation. Learn from the best.

So some research showing that stress narrows our focus, increases our attention, speeds up the rate at which we're able to process information.
She said, "Sir, if I don't follow the rules, I could get in trouble or lose my job." All she was telling me is that she doesn't feel safe.
When they were dragging their heels for six months, I looked at them and said, "You know, a lot of other companies are starting to sell glasses online." They missed the first-mover advantage.
So trust and cooperation are really important here.
These are gestures that contribute to that communication that I'm trying to get across, that I am confident about what I'm talking about.
And that domino that falls, we're hoping that, OK, the next person that sees this is inspired to be a domino.

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