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Correctly pronouncing confidence is an important step in mastering English. Confidence is pronounced with a long "o" sound. The consonants are pronounced as “kuhn-fuh-duh ns” with the stress falling on the second syllable.

Start by saying the "k" sound with your lips pressed together. The "uh" sound should be made with your mouth slightly open. The next sound is "n," which should be pronounced with the tongue placed behind the upper teeth. The "f" sound is created by pushing the lower lip up against the upper teeth. The "uh" sound is made with the mouth slightly open. Finally, the "ns" is pronounced with the tongue touching the back of the teeth and the lips forming a small circle.

To ensure that you are correctly pronouncing confidence, you can use a pronunciation checker such as Pronounce AI. This tool uses AI-powered voice recognition to quickly compare your pronunciation to native English speakers. This is especially useful for professionals who need to make sure they are correctly pronouncing words in meetings and phone calls.

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