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To correctly pronounce the word "altruistic," begin by slightly separating the two syllables. The first syllable, AL, should be pronounced with a short, sharp A sound. The second syllable, TRUISTIC, should be pronounced with a long U sound and a SH sound at the end of the syllable. The accent should be on the first syllable.

When saying the whole word together, be sure to say it with a clear, crisp pronunciation. AL-TRU-ISTIC. The emphasis should be on the first syllable, AL. So, when speaking the word as a whole, it should sound like AL-tru-is-tic.

Altruistic is a word that is used to describe someone who is unselfish and kind, so it is important to say the word correctly when speaking. Remember to always separate the two syllables and place the emphasis on the first one. Pronounce it with a sharp A, a long U, and a SH sound at the end of the second syllable. Altruistic should sound like AL-tru-is-tic.

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