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In English, the word "also" is pronounced in two syllables - "al" and "so".

The first syllable, "al", is pronounced like the word "all". The lips should be in a wide, round shape and the sound should be articulated clearly from the back of the throat.

The second syllable, "so", is pronounced with a slightly open mouth and a neutral jaw. The sound should come from the front of the mouth and should be articulated clearly.

When saying the word "also", remember to emphasize the second syllable. The "al" should be slightly quieter and the "so" should be louder. The word should sound like "al-so".

Practice saying the word "also" out loud until you can confidently pronounce it correctly. This will help you to get used to the sound and become more comfortable with the pronunciation.

Learning how to pronounce "also" is an important part of mastering the English language. With practice and patience, you can easily learn how to correctly pronounce "also".

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