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If you’ve been wondering how to pronounce almond, you’re in the right place. Almond is a word in English that can sometimes be difficult for non-native English speakers.

The correct pronunciation of almond is "ah-muhnd," with the emphasis on the “ah” sound and the “uh” sound. The “l” sound is silent. When speaking the word aloud, make sure to emphasize the “ah” sound by lengthening it slightly.

To practice, break the word up into two syllables: “ah” and “muhnd.” The “ah” sound should be short and sharp, while the “muhnd” sound should be drawn out a bit.

Say the word “almond” out loud a few times, focusing on the correct pronunciation of the two syllables. If you listen carefully, you should be able to hear the difference between the two.

When speaking the word in conversation, be sure to emphasize the “ah” sound and not the “l” sound. It’s important to remember that the “l” sound is actually silent.

Practice makes perfect! With a bit of practice, you’ll soon be able to pronounce “almond” correctly every time.

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